Tel Aviv Property - Luxury Real Estate in Israel
Israel may be a small country in terms of size, but it’s an impressive powerhouse in the amount of luxury properties for sale. There are lots and homes that can be purchased in Pituach, Arsuf, Kfar Shmaryahu, Savyon, Caesarea, and western Ramat Hasharon. If you’re looking for a luxury penthouse, a home or an apartment in Tel Aviv, you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose. If your interest leans more to the historic legacy of the region, there are buildings earmarked for preservation that are offered for sale. In the central and Sharon regions, you can find farm properties on moshavim to buy. That’s a lot of property to visit. But if you’re interested in Tel Aviv property and you’re looking for some experienced advice, Neot Shiran can help.

Neot Shiran and the Luxury Tel Aviv Property Market
Neot Shiran markets homes, apartments, and farm properties ranging in value from three to forty million dollars, which makes us the leading real estate firm in Israel that exclusively handles luxury properties. That level of investment requires a special brand of real estate agents who can be relied upon to provide discretion, expertise and a high level of personal attention for our clients, who count on us for beginning-to-end navigation through the entire process. We’re the sources for help on legal matters pertaining to the property; we can be the diplomats when, as sometimes happens, friction arises between buyers and sellers; we offer guidance on taxes and financing; and of course, you can always count on us for information on architectural matters.

Why Neot Shiran is the Best Choice in Tel Aviv Property
Neot Shiran’s two decades of expertise in the specialized market of luxury real estate have created an impressive network of local and international contacts. As soon as a property enters the Neot Shiran database, that’s the signal that activates a wide network of potential buyers abroad and in Israel. That’s good news for our clients because the potential for a successful transaction is greatly increased.

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The Art of Buying and Selling Luxury Tel Aviv Property
We understand the nature of buyers and sellers in the high-end real estate market and we know that we’re dealing with Tel Aviv property that’s as much art as it is construction. That means that exactly the right buyer must be found. Cost is not the only factor under consideration. The Tel Aviv property that entices the right buyer is prized for its unique qualities as well as for its desirable location.  The location of the site depends upon the interests of the buyer: what are the cultural opportunities? As we become more interested in what the leisure culture offers, client decisions are also factoring in what there is to do for entertainment when they’re in the neighborhood. Maybe you’ve lived your entire live on a moshav and now you yearn to call beachfront property home. Or you and your spouse have lived in an apartment and you’ve both decided you want to move to a villa.

At Neot Shiran, we understand the emotions behind the decisions that drive real estate choices. We listen to you and we act on your behalf to find the location that’s just right for you and your dreams.